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Engine Program

Every engine is **started** and run up to normal operating temperature (approx 30 minutes) and the following tests are performed.

  1. Oil pressure is taken at cold idle, hot idle and running speed (1700-2200) RPM

This checks the condition or rod and main bearings.

  1. A vacuum gauge is hooked up to check the condition of the rings, valves and valve guides.
  1. A block/cylinder head test is performed at operating temperature to ensure that the head gaskets are properly sealing and that there is no combustible gas (exhaust) leaking into the cooling system.
  1. A compression test is performed, this helps evaluate the condition of the rings and checks for cylinder compression variance.

If an engine does not pass our test we will NOT sell it as a good used working engine!!

We supply an engine installation check list so that you get the most performance and life from a recycled engine from United Truck Dismantlers.

All engines unless otherwise noted come with a 100 day parts warranty on the long block.

** In the event that an engine cannot be started and brought up to normal operating temperature (this is usually due to an electrical issue) a cold compression test and cranking oil pressure is recorded, these engines still carry United Truck’s 100 day warranty.

** Some diesel engine are not compression tested, a cylinder contribution test is performed with a scan tool.

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